R & D strength
  • Technical Innovation
    With the wide application of "Internet +", "cloud", big data, etc., catching up with the current tides, the company took usage of innovative information economics in intelligent manufacturing. It introduced ERP, MES, OA, HR, etc. systems to promote effective integration of information technology with R&D, manufacturing, and process technology. It not only enables the company to achieve revenue increase and cost reduction, improves R & D innovation capabilities and production efficiency, but also accelerates the transition from traditional manufacturing to intelligent mode, making production more intelligent.
    Based on the research and development platforms such as "Zhejiang Enterprise Research Institute" and "Zhejiang Province-level Enterprise Technology Center", the company invests more than 3% of its sales revenue each year in technical innovation. Additionally it strengthens the in-depth cooperation with the Goldcard Research Institute of the Headquarter. Through the cooperative research of technical problems, cross-training of personnel, and sharing of test equipment, etc., it has achieved complementary advantages, promoted the growth of talents, and further enhanced the overall strength of the Research Institute.
Technical Innovation
The institute has a total of 85 R & D personnel. Among them, there are 64 people with a bachelor degree or above, 1 doctoral degree, and 7 master's degrees, including 2 professor-level senior engineers, 5 senior engineers, 18 engineers. Their majors cover automation instrument, electronics, mechanics, fluid mechanics, and software engineering, etc.
It has successfully undertaken one National 863 Plan Docking Project, 1 National Torch Plan Project, 1 PetroChina Joint Project, 13 Provincial New Product Projects. The product technical level of the project leads ahead in the country. The TEC II volume conversion device, TYL gas rotary flowmeter have obtained EU certification.
The institute has published more than 30 papers in domestic professional journals, 2 papers in foreign conferences, and co-compiled and published 6 volumes of professional books.
A total of 72 patents and 27 software copyrights were authorized, including 7 invention patents.
Smart Manufacturing
  • The machining workshop is equipped with machining centers imported from Germany, Japan and USA to produce high precision key components. The mechanical processing accuracy is better than 0.01mm. The room temperature is controlled at 20℃±1℃.
  • MES flexible production line: consists of 8 machining tools, which are connected with automatic conveyor system.
  • High pressure loop gas flow calibration standard device
  • Quality control of precision components: including 3-D coordinate measuring instrument, profile measuring instrument, gear inspection device, etc., measuring accuracy up to 0.2um.  Used to carry out first inspection and patrol inspection of components produced in precision machining workshop.
  • Testing equipment, used to measure the dimensional and geometric tolerance of key components. Up to 1.8um.
  • The self-designed and developed fully automatic temperature and humidity alternating aging system, provides guarantee to the reliability of product quality, such as EVC.
  • Automatic high/low temperature and pressure testing.
  • LXH sonic nozzle device
Quality Aims
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